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Pictures of Graduating Class


Complete your CNA in 22 weekdays

Certified Nursing Assistants

Home Health Aides

Continuing education for Certification Renewal

Schedule of Classes for 2022

(All classes begin at 8 am -4:30pm Monday through Friday)

Certified Nursing Assistant in 22 days
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Learn How to Excel in the
Field of Health Care

Advance your nursing skills and knowledge with the help of Pacific Health Education. We offer career opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide program.


Also offering CEs to renew Certificate


All of our courses are conducted by licensed nurses who are approved by the State of California. We equip our students with timely knowledge and skill set and land our students a career in the health care industry. Come visit our school in Fresno, across the street from the Fresno Airport to enroll. We look forward to welcoming you to our class!

Certified Nursing Assistant Program in Fresno, CA Complete in 22 weekdays
160 Hours

CNA fees: $400 to enroll.

The total cost of the program for the student will be $1600.00

Best Certified Nursing Assistant program in Fresno, CA. Complete in one month = $400 to enroll  $200.00 before clinicals and  $200 due at second Friday of Clinicals.

(Half way point of clinicals) Final $800.00 due on graduation.

Have the opportunity to directly care for the patients and their families as a Certified Nursing Assistant.


In less than 5 weeks, students will gain the fundamentals and practical skills from both a classroom setup and a clinical site to ensure that the lessons we teach are applied in real-life situations, and a job placement.

Caring is our speciality

Home Health Aide Program                 40 hours  

HHA Fee: $700.00 (Includes Fingerprints)

Following our CNA certification program, students have the option to take a secondary class to become Home Health Aides. This program lasts for one week (40 Hour Program), 20  hours in classroom and 20 hours in clinical. It teaches the basic and advanced requirements needed to work for Home Health Agency or Hospice.

Continuing Education Classes

Cost: $30.00/CE Hour

Please call at least one week in advance to register

for the class

CE Dates 

1) November 1st

2)Dec 13th


1) Jan 4th

2) Feb 13th

3) March 8th

4) April 19th

Learning is Fun

Certified Nursing Assistant Program in Fresno, CA

Complete your CNA program in 22 weekdays. Monday -Friday 8am-4:30pm

Get your schooling out of the way in the shortest amount of time and make a difference in your life and others. We believe that it’s never too late to start an occupation in the health care sector. Whether you’re a new nursing student or a bold career-changer, Pacific Health Education is here to help you attain a rewarding job as a health care professional. Our institution offers Certified Nursing Assistant Classes and Home Health Aide in Fresno CA, for aspiring Nurses or other areas of Health-related field. Visit our school across the street from Fresno Airport, to begin your educational journey with us. We are established by nurses for nurses. High school diploma or GED certificate preferred but not necessary. We’ll assist you with writing resumes and job placement as well as practice job interviews at no extra cost to the student. Its a great time to get into the Health Care field due to Covid and you will never be out of a job as long as you are willing to work.

$1600.00 Financial Aid Available upon approval.

Apply now for financial aid 

Financial aid will begin in Sept/Oct 2023
Please come in and apply ASAP

Get the Education You Want at a Price You Can Afford. In one month, become a  Certified Nursing Assistant program (160 hours) in Fresno, California:

$400.00 Registration Fee (cash) includes:

  • History & Physical 

  • TB Test

  • Finger Printing (Live Scan)

  • Reading Materials

  •  Gait Belt

​You need to be COVID vaccinated to start this program

$200 due  before clinicals
$200 due on second Friday of Clinicals
$800.00due at graduation  paperwork sent for testing immediately and the  will mail the paperwork for you
Total: 1600.00

Fast and affordable

8AM-4:30 PM Monday -Friday





Schedule of Classes:​

1) October 23d to graduate approx. Nov 20th

2)Nov 13th to graduate approx. Dec 12th

3)Dec 4th to graduate approx.  Jan 2nd

CNA Today

Available on

Affordable and fast - HHA 40 Hour program

Hospice Nursing 101

Available on

Approved by California Department of Public Health

$ 700.00- Includes fingerprints
Financial aid available
Please come in and apply for it

Get the Education You Want at a Price You Can Afford. 20 hours of theory and 20 hours in Clinical

Schedule of Classes:​

Start dates: 

Oct 4th
Oct 25th

Nov 15th

Dec 6th 

Dec 27th

Please call for future dates.

  • How to Register?
    Registration is in person only Mon-Fri 8am-2pm
  • What do I need to register?
    Drivers license or photo I.D. copy of social security card and Registration Fee COVID vaccination card

The program fee is inclusive with the following:

History and Physical

TB test

Reading Materials included

Fingerprinting / Live scan

Job guidance

Help with Job Placement

Payment options available.

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