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CNA Today

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3 Options to complete your CNA Program at Pacific Health Education

Option 1: (AM) Day Program
Monday through Friday, 8AM - 4:30 PM

Schedule of Classes:​

  1. April 29th to graduate approx. May 28th

  2. May 20th to graduate approx. June 18th

  3. May 29 th to graduate Approx. June 27th EXTRA CLASS

  4. June 10th to graduate approx. July 9th

  5. July 1st to graduate approx. July 30th

Option 2: (PM) Evening Program
Monday through Friday, 4PM - 8PM

Schedule of Classes:​

  1. June 3rd to graduate approximately July 31st

  2. August 12th to graduate approx. Oct 11th

Option 3: Weekend Program
Saturday & Sunday, 8AM - 4:30PM

Schedule of Classes:​

  1. May 18th  to graduate approx. July 27thth

  2. August 3rd to graduate approx.: Oct 13th

Offer for a limited price at this time

Get the Education You Want at a Price You Can Afford. In one month, become a  Certified Nursing Assistant program (160 hours) in Fresno, California:

Payment plan: 

All card payments have a processing fee.

​Tuition fee does not include books, uniforms, board exam and malpractice insurance, History and Physical and TB skin test.

$250.00 Registration Fee(non refundable)
$200.00 due on first  Friday of Clinicals.

$200.00 due in the second week of Clinicals.

$450.00 due on graduation
Total: $1100.00 for a limited time.

All card payments have a processing fee.

Applicants must be at least 16 years of age. Upon registration, California or government issued photo ID, social security card, and COVID vaccination card.

Live scan

TB skin test done at least 90 days prior to starting clinicals (If positive a chest X Ray must be taken)

Physical exam within 90 days prior to start of class.

Must be able to read, write, and converse in English (State test is in English only)

Pictures of Graduating Class

Certified Nursing Assistant

Complete your CNA in 22 weekdays

Certified Nursing Assistants

Home Health Aides

Continuing education for Certification Renewal

Schedule of Classes for 2024

 Total of 22 days of class

Morning Classes begin at 8AM - 4:30PM

Please be punctual

Evening Classes begin at 4PM - 8PM

(Total of 44 days of class)

Certified Nursing Assistant in 22 days

Certified Nursing Assistant Program in Fresno, CA

Complete your CNA program in 22 weekdays.
Monday -Friday 8am-4:30pm

Get your schooling out of the way in the shortest amount of time and make a difference in your life and others. We believe that it’s never too late to start an occupation in the health care sector. Whether you’re a new nursing student or a bold career-changer, Pacific Health Education is here to help you attain a rewarding job as a health care professional. Our institution offers Certified Nursing Assistant Classes and Home Health Aide in Fresno CA, for aspiring Nurses or other areas of Health-related field. Visit our school across the street from Fresno Airport, to begin your educational journey with us. We are established by nurses for nurses. High school diploma or GED certificate preferred but not necessary. We’ll assist you with writing resumes and job placement as well as practice job interviews at no extra cost to the student. Its a great time to get into the Health Care field due to Covid and you will never be out of a job as long as you are willing to work.



Tel: 559-900-5150

Campus Director

Tel:  559-375-6726


5108 E. Clinton Way Suite #115 Fresno, California 93727

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